Our Values

It is possible to provide support services and innovation andincubation programs solely to support existing entrepreneurs and to help commercialize existing ideas. The Innovation and Enterprise Centre team believes that a more effective and sustainable long-term approach seeks to develop a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship which becomes self-perpetuating. Just as there are best practices in business incubation, certain values are recognized for their ability to foster innovation. The Innovation and Enterprise Centre will be guided by four of these fundamental values – to empower, to connect, to sustain, and to champion innovators, entrepreneurs, and communities.

EMPOWER: Identify, coordinate and build upon existing assets within StFX and
throughout and beyond Northeastern Nova Scotia in order to provide accessible and tangible ways to empower communities and entrepreneurs.

CONNECT: Cultivate relationships within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including mentors, the Nova Scotia Community College, other universities, public and private support mechanisms, other innovators and entrepreneurs, and StFX alumni as a means of identifying and nurturing innovation opportunities.

SUSTAIN: Develop an entrepreneurial ecosystem that encourages innovators and communities to engage in activities that encourage sustainable economic practices.

CHAMPION: Communicate the possibilities of new ideas and enterprise development while sharing best practices and loudly celebrating successes.