If you are an enterprising individual, interested in:

  • discovering your unique leadership style and developing your leadership skills,
  • learning practical skills needed to start any kind of business or social enterprise,
  • getting out of school with a solid grip on your finances,
  • or taking advantage of the opportunity to work with local communities and organizations alongside experts in asset-based development,

We invite you to connect with our team at the Innovation and Enterprise Centre.

The Innovation Centre: Students

Although new on the scene, the Innovation and Enterprise Centre plays a vital role in StFX University’s commitment to community and industrial/business engagement. We see you playing a vital role in this area as well, bringing fresh ideas to assist us in developing innovative solutions to long standing challenges. What we offer you is our expertise in idea generation and evaluation workshops, entrepreneurship training, business and social enterprise skills training, business counselling, community and asset-based development, leadership training, facilitation, exciting events on and off campus,  and support for the development of innovative solutions to issues facing individuals, businesses, and communities. We also offer connections to our wide ranging network of experts in business, education, and community development – an opportunity to learn from and be mentored by knowledgeable, experienced people in their field.

There is more. The StFX Extension Innovation and Enterprise Centre is a space where cutting-edge ideas for new or improved products, services, and processes can be generated, evaluated and developed.  While the Centre is open to the entire community, and you are welcome to access all of our services, we have created programs, workshops, and services that target the unique needs of  students, whether high school, community college or university, and young innovators.

One of our goals is to provide you, a student who wants to make a mark, who has ideas for a new business or social enterprise, or for a new product or service, with access to the skills training and support required to make your dream a reality. Our team can connect you with the resources you may need to run your own business and immerse you in a growing start-up culture among local students and youth. Regardless of the stage of your idea/venture, or the entrepreneurial skill level you have, you are invited to visit the Innovation and Enterprise Centre, meet with our team, discuss your idea, and make a plan to bring it to life.

You are one of the leaders for the future, whether in business, services, community development or public life. We need your input to help us to ensure that we have not missed issues valuable to you and your peers as you hone your leadership, entrepreneurial, and innovation skills. Get in on the ground floor and let us know what you think. Let us know how we can make the Centre a place you really want to be, a place that can make a difference in your life, a place that will provide you with the practical support you need. Please contact us, we would like to hear from you.