On October 23rd, Innovation and Enterprise Centre (IEC) interns Kelsey Bowman and Emma Logan facilitated the first Sandbox Discover Program session focusing on an introduction to human-centered design and interviewing.

A small group of StFX students attended the first of three sessions to be held in preparation for a design challenge weekend in which the IEC Sandbox students will compete against other sandboxes across Nova Scotia at the end of November, 2018.

One highlight of the session was an activity called Tag Team. Participants took a few minutes to write down some of their individual strengths and positive attributes on sticky notes. They were then given a large poster board to collaboratively create “the ultimate team member” using some of their own skills. After they created this imaginary team member, they introduced it to myself and Emma. This was a great activity to have attendees reflect on their own strengths, as well as to see how they benefit a team. It brought out great creativity among the group and many laughs were had because of it. Sandbox Discover Activity

Using the above illustration to guide their introduction, the group explained that their ultimate team member speaks multiple languages, is a great listener (hence the large ears), is wearing a watch to indicate that it has great time management skills and is never late. It has a big heart and cares for all members of the team. This team member is also educated, loves to read, and never gives up.