Our Mission

The StFX Extension Innovation and Enterprise Centre will contribute to the overall prosperity of Northeastern Nova Scotia by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and social enterprise; by providing incubation services; and by helping enterprises start, grow, and succeed.

To accomplish this, the Centre will:

  • Help emerging commercial and social entrepreneurs identify and clearly articulate new opportunities toward the development of new ventures,
  • Increase the likelihood of the enterprise’s success by offering programming and consulting services (face-to-face and virtual) based on participants’ needs,
  • Employ best practices in all aspects of the Centre’s operations, programs, and plans,
  • Nurture enterprise development and enhance the Centre’s capabilities by connecting to the broader entrepreneurship “ecosystem”, including peer organizations, other innovation/incubation centres, public and private service providers, mentors, and finance sources,
  • Communicate the possibilities of new ideas and enterprise development by sharing key learnings and loudly celebrating successes, and
  • Model entrepreneurial principles and incubator best practices by being sustainable in operations and responsive to participants in service delivery.