The Stfx Extension Innovation and Enterprise Centre is excited to be working with five dedicated students to assist them in getting their products market ready and their businesses launched.

Carson Murray, CEO of PodCycler, is an accomplished Engineering student at StFX University, inventor, and aspiring polymath. He has many personal and family business connections in Nova Scotia and around the country; of particular interest to PodCycler are members of the executive of Sobeys Atlantic, the Northern Nova Scotia franchise of Subway Resturants, MacGregors Industrial Group, the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies of Canada, as well as the Advocate family of companies.

PodCycler is an innovative company that is recycling and reclaiming waste product from single serve coffee pods. Their mission statement says it all:

Podcycler: Powering affordable green innovation with reclaimed waste.
Podcycler: Reclaiming yesterday, to power tomorrow.
Podcycler: Making today’s trash tomorrow’s treasure.

Carson is currently operating out of the Centre’s incubator space.

Raphaele Tetreault-Bergeron and Philippe T’ien are two enterprising nutrition students who have developed an amazing product using pulses – legumes and beans. Both are fourth year Human Nutrition students at St. Francis Xavier University, with differing interests ranging from business, dietetics, naturopathy and product development. They collaborated over a product development competition called Mission: ImPULSEible, where undergraduate students are asked to create food products using pulses as the main ingredients. Their product (a frozen dessert called Pulsica) received much acclamation from friends and family, and after placing second in the competition they were inspired to continue with the development of their product. They became highly motivated and are now working towards getting Pulsica to the market.  For a more detailed look at their product, click here.

Morgan Hamilton and Shelby Kennedy-Goncalski are second year nutrition students who have developed an amazing protein bar made from pulses. Their idea was formed and tested in the StFX Nutrition Department labs, and entered into a national competition celebrating the year of the pulse. They took home second prize. This spurred the two on and they started out manufacturing their bars out of their own kitchen, selling them on campus and at the Farmer’s Market. The feedback was encouraging and they have now registered their company, Impulse Foods, and they are operating out of a certified kitchen at Galloping Cows in Port Hood. NS.  They can be contacted at