Keay Lawn Care (KLC) is a business started up by Summer Launch participant, Hilus Keay. He got the idea for his business one day when he saw an elderly neighbor outside mowing her lawn. It was a very hot day, and he said it just didn’t seem right that she had to do it herself. Hilus differentiates his business from other lawn care companies by focusing on affordable pricing and customer satisfaction. He has too often heard of businesses overcharging for this service. Keay Lawn Care ensures that the lawn is cut to the customer’s satisfaction – a job is not complete until the client is happy.

“Let KLC give your lawn some TLC”

Hilus and his company have solidified a list of full time customers, however he does still have time for one-time cuts if anyone is planning a vacation and wants to come home to a clean cut lawn, or simply would just like to not have to mow their own lawn for a change! Anyone interested is encouraged to give Hilus a call at (902) 867-1988 or (902) 870-4166. Keay Lawn Care takes great pride in offering affordable services. Prices begin at $10 to $15 for small lawns and around $25 for larger lawns. All prices are based on the size of the lawn.

When Hilus was asked if he will continue his business in the future, he responded that he will be cutting his clients’ lawns this year until they can no longer be cut. He followed this by saying that this may be due to copious amounts of leaves, snow fall, or a nuclear apocalypse, because the weather around here lately has just been so unpredictable! Hilus has been an incredible participant of the 2018 Summer Launch program. His dedication, professionalism, and charming personality shine through all work he completes.