There is a growing demand for expanded services to the largest business demographic in the area, which is comprised of companies that employ 1-25 employees. For those who have a business concept or an innovative product or service, incubator services can take you to the next level of business success. Business incubation catalyzes the process of starting and growing companies. A proven model, it provides innovators, inventors, researchers, and new entrepreneurs with the expertise, networks, and tools they need to make their ventures successful.

The StFX Extension Department Innovation and Enterprise Centre’s programs and services are in place to support entrepreneurs and innovators. These programs support the development of innovative ideas, services, and products. They also provide student and faculty researchers, as well as community innovators, access to a range of resources such as business advisory support, connection with university resources, business skill workshops, and participation in a community of successful entrepreneurs working in and with the Incubator.

Tenancy in the Incubator is intended to nurture new and emerging ventures, helping them to survive and grow during the start–up period when they are most vulnerable. Not only do we provide hands-on business advisory support, we also provide access to a range of financing options and exposure to critical technical support services such as the StFX Industry Liaison Office and agencies such as InnovaCorp. Our business incubation program’s main goal is to produce successful graduates – businesses and social enterprises that are financially viable and freestanding when they leave the incubator, usually within two years. If you want your new product and/or business to achieve its goals faster, our Incubation Program may be the catalyst you need.