StFX Spotlight Series Video Competition

The Innovation and Enterprise Centre is looking for students to explore entrepreneurship by catching someone doing something entrepreneurial on campus or in the community. It’s simple! Create a 2 minute video highlighting someone else, or yourself, being entrepreneurial – tell us who they are, what they are doing, the types of entrepreneurial skills they are demonstrating and how these skills can be applied as an employee and/or a business owner. Once your video is reviewed and approved, you will be entered into the competition. A panel of judges will determine first place ($500), second place ($400) and third place ($300) winners. Winners will have their videos posted on the St. FX Extension Department’s YouTube account. Students are encouraged to be creative – entrepreneurship can mean more than running a business!

Important dates:

  • Tuesday, October 31st – Spotlight Series Video Competition begins
  • Saturday, November 11th – Deadline for video submission and signed consent forms
  • Monday, November 13 – 19th – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners announced

Interested? Click the links below for more information:

StFX Spotlight Series Video Competition

Guidelines and Judging Template 

Consent Form

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Do you have an innovative idea for a new product or business that you would like to share with us? If you answered “yes” to this question, then you should participate in this pitch. This is an opportunity for you to develop your entrepreneurial ideas in an open and supportive environment.

There will be opportunities for three types of pitches at the event;

  1. a 1-minute early-stage idea pitch
  2. a 5-minute product idea pitch; and
  3. a 10-minute business pitch

The difference between these pitches relates to how developed your concept is.

Most pitches in November will fall into the first two categories.  For each type of pitch, you will get feedback from a group of entrepreneurial faculty, staff, and students from across the St.FX community as well as members of the business community.  At this event, you can move your ideas forward, whether to help you create a prototype, refine your product, or prepare to launch a business.

Participating in the event will earn you a $20 complimentary gift card.  If you are successful, you may earn a spot in the March 2018 Innovation Pitch at which there will be opportunities for funding to help you develop your idea. Therefore, your goal is to earn support for your idea.

Important dates:

  • Friday October 27: Information session in SCHW 215, 2:00pm
  • Friday, October 27: Submit application
  • Monday, October 30: Approval of application
  • Friday, November 3: Innovation pitch event in SCHW 215, 2:00pm

Interested? Visit the link below for more details about the event and registration information:

Innovation Pitch Structure and Registration