Bringing Students and Employers Together with Connect @ X

*PLEASE NOTE: No current Connect @ X events are planned. For program and event announcements, stay connected via our Facebook and Twitter pages.

The Connect @ X event offers StFX students an exciting opportunity to network with local, provincial and national employers. The student attendees come from various majors and fields of study, including students participating in the Co-operative Education Program. 

For employers, Connect @ X provides a unique opportunity to meet motivated students for potential employment opportunities and/or learn about the career interests of future employees.

With limited seating available, the event includes an equal number of employers and students to provide a balances student-employer networking experience!

Sponsors of Connect @ X can expect their brand presence to be highly visible during the conference and exhibitors will have the opportunity to market directly to the participating students.


We would like to thank all of our sponsors, employers, students, and partners for being a part of our second annual Connect @ X event in 2020! It was a huge success and we can’t wait for the event to take place again. Be sure to check out the gallery below to see pictures from the event.

2020 Connect @ X Sponsors




Connect @ X, even beyond being an incredibly fun and effective networking event, is also a great opportunity to pick the minds of professionals in the fields you want to go into to get their impressions, tips, and learn from the challenges that they faced in their journey to where they are now. Connect @ X helped me to learn some very helpful coping mechanisms for when I face issues through just talking with the professionals there about what they do when they face certain challenges in their day to day”

– Matt McGlashan, Connect @ X 2019 X-Ring Recipient

“The best part of Connect at X was the chance to meet with potential employers who were willing to engage with students looking for career and/or co-op opportunities. I really enjoyed the dinner format and the rotation through the tables, along with the traditional job fair style at the beginning. I found the meal and table rotation allowed for more meaningful connections between employers and studentsI think students should attend Connect at X for a lot of reasons. One is to meet potential employers. Another is to work on your networking skills. There is no better opportunity for students to do so than the Connect at X event”

– Ben Chisholm, StFX Student, Connect @ X 2019 Attendee

Hosting Partners

Guest Speaker

Rinujan Kananesan – Renewly Initiatives Inc.

Rinu, was born and raised in Toronto, with a Sri Lankan background. His parents came to Canada in 1989.  Growing up, Rinu was glued to the tv watching the discovery channel, and would try implementing what he learned. He always wanted to make a major change in this world.  With Toronto being such a large and fast-paced city, he realized he was constantly trying to distance himself from the city and emerge himself in nature. 

He began researching on real estate and quickly realized that the cost of living and housing in Toronto was incredibly unaffordable. He quickly started to think about the family road trips he took as a child here, in the east coast, and how the people here seemed to be more community-oriented, especially in small towns. So he continued to look into the east coast, and noticed it held amazing attractions for tourism and nature. He decided to take a big step forward and uproot his life to Nova Scotia, where he felt he could make the biggest impact and change. Rinu always had a passion for sustainability and the environment, so he decided to join an early stage venture, helping property owners become educated on solar energy. Nova Scotia happens to have an enormous amount of funding allocated to residential homeowners, so it almost was a sign from god.

To learn more about Renewly, visit







2020 Schedule

6:00 PM  Pre-Dinner Reception
6:30 PM Welcome Remarks & Dinner
7:00 PM  Guest Speaker
7:30 PM Dessert & Presentation of X-Ring
8:00 PM Networking Session
8:45 PM  Closing Remarks


StFX Bloomfield Centre
5555 Union Place
Antigonish, Nova Scotia
B2G 2W5