Mind Matters

This workshop will provide participants with information and tools to assist them in: Developing critical thinking skills Recognizing cognitive filters and biases Understanding divergent and convergent thinking

Selling Yourself for Success

This workshop gives participants the confidence they need to sell themselves and their ideas in order to advance their business or career, gain more respect, and increase their chance of success, influence, and income.

Entrepreneurship Primer

This is a series of five half-day sessions that provides an in depth look at a number of topics, including: What is entrepreneurship and what does it take to be an entrepreneur? How do entrepreneurs contribute to society? How do you start a business? Market and...

How to Start a Business

So, you’ve decided you want to start a business.  What’s next? This workshop provides an overview of basic information that is critical to starting a new business from deciding on a name to keeping financial records.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship

This workshop provides a basic overview of what it means to be an entrepreneur, from discussing the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs to reviewing the entrepreneurial cycle. The session is interactive and provides participants with the opportunity to do a...