Project Management Fundamentals

This workshop provides an overview of Project Management (PM). Topics include: • Compare and critique common PM frameworks • Review and discuss fundamental PM concepts • Basic versus complex projects • Critical success factors in PM • Risk management as it applies to...

Time Management

Review common time management approaches and tools in this workshop with a view to developing effective time management strategies.

The Art of Networking

Networking is an essential business skill that many people never master. Whether operating your own business, trying to build support for your social enterprise, attempting to attract investors, or looking for the perfect job, this session will assist you in learning...

Mind Matters

This workshop will provide participants with information and tools to assist them in: Developing critical thinking skills Recognizing cognitive filters and biases Understanding divergent and convergent thinking

Selling Yourself for Success

This workshop gives participants the confidence they need to sell themselves and their ideas in order to advance their business or career, gain more respect, and increase their chance of success, influence, and income.