Business Training

The StFX Extension Innovation and Enterprise Centre offers a wide variety of business skill building workshops varying in length, content and cost. Our training packages include individual workshops and in depth series that are delivered over a number of days, and sector specific training for business owners with unique training requirements. If you are interested in any of our training offerings please contact us at (902) 867-5543.

Preparing for Large-Scale Development

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Ensuring communities have the tools and resources they need to maximize benefits from large-scale projects while mitigating negative impacts is key to sustainable development. This workshop will provide information and tools that will assist you to keep the focus local and engage the community in the process. It will also assist you in identifying potential environmental, social, and cultural impacts.


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This workshop is a primer on budgeting for economic development organizations. It provides basic information on:
• developing budgets for business start-ups and community projects
• reviewing and analysing business and project budgets
• revising business and project budgets
• providing feedback to clients for budget revision

Selecting Project Management Software

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There are many software solutions to project management on the market today. This workshop reviews most commonly used project management tools and will assist you in identifying the features you need, whether Web based or PC Based, open source or proprietary, to ensure the best fit for your project.

Project Management Fundamentals

This workshop provides an overview of Project Management (PM). Topics include:
• Compare and critique common PM frameworks
• Review and discuss fundamental PM concepts
• Basic versus complex projects
• Critical success factors in PM
• Risk management as it applies to PM
• Challenges of managing multiple projects

The Strategic Planning Process

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This workshop addresses the when, why, where, how, and who of strategic planning. It will help you to assess whether your business/organization is ready for a strategic planning exercise. It will provide strategic planning tools and techniques and discuss the difference between a business plan and strategic plan. Strategies for gaining buy-in to the planning process and implementing the plan will be offered.