Our Mandate

The mandate of the StFX Extension Innovation and Enterprise Centre is to enhance economic sustainability in Northeastern Nova Scotia by promoting innovation, entrepreneurship, and enterprise creation. Working to strengthen the link between university resources, the business community, and the community at large, the Innovation and Enterprise Centre  programs and services focus on serving StFX students, faculty, and staff, alongside new and established small business owners and social enterprises.

Whether we are discussing the challenge of youth out-migration, aging demographics, and skills shortages or the overall lack of innovation in Atlantic Canada, new and different solutions are required to meet the challenges we face. The Centre team believes that a combination of business incubation, social enterprise incubation, and innovation may offer the best potential for solutions that work today and into the future.

This melding of enterprise and social innovation is highly reminiscent of the Antigonish Movement, which resulted in an intersection of enterprise and social innovation that sparked decades of innovation in Northeastern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton and around the globe. Clearly the times have changed, but many of the challenges we face remain the same. The StFX Extension Innovation and Enterprise Centre is taking a step back to bring a highly successful approach to sustainable development into the future.