The StFX Extension Innovation and Enterprise Centre and Mashup Lab were please to host Mashup Weekend: Antigonish on March 10 and 11 at the StFX campus.

Mashup Weekend: Antigonish was the sixth Mashup Weekend organized by Andrew Button of Mashup Lab, a “for-more-than-profit company” based in Bridgewater, NS.  Andrew’s work with over 1,000 Entrepreneurs located in rural communities has convinced him that great ideas can come from anywhere. His passion and energy is focused on one thing: unleashing the entrepreneurial potential in rural communities that has yet to be inspired into action.

The concept of Mashup Weekend is simple – bring a diverse set of individuals into a room and supply them with 26 hours of hands-on experience in what it takes to bring an idea for a new business to life.  People share ideas, build small teams to support one another, and take meaningful action to bring their business idea to life!

Not all participants have to come with an idea in mind, and no field of expertise is undervalued.  “Any idea can be turned into a business if you put your mind to it,” says Carson Murray, participant and owner of Podeko A.R.S., an incubator client of the Innovation and Enterprise Centre.

Those who do not have an idea to pitch, or do not have their pitches selected by the wider group are not sidelined.  Instead they jump on a team, meet new people, stretch their creative muscles, and learn what it takes to get an idea off the group in just one weekend.  “Everyone is an expert in something,” says Sarah Allen, event facilitator.

Sue McNeil, Coordinator of Innovation and Incubation with the Extension Department was pleased with the level of participation from the Antigonish and StFX communities and the diversity of skills sets represented.  Sue recounted the weekend’s events, “there were eight great ideas pitched by the participants. Three of the ideas were selected by the group and teams were formed around each one to further develop them. It was amazing to see the progress made in less than one day.”

Several members of the business community and entrepreneurial support system were in attendance as well offering their expertise and acting as judges for the final pitch.  Brian Patton of CBDC NOBL remarked on the creativity of the ideas presented and congratulated all of those involved for their participation.

Jordan MacDonald, third year StFX business student and Event Coordinator for the Innovation and Enterprise Centre, was similarly impressed with the event, “it is amazing to see how everyone is able to come together and form such committed teams.  Whether you are a member of the community, a student at any level, a professor, or business owner you will be sure to find your place and discover what skills you bring to the table.”

Upon the conclusion of Mashup Weekend: Antigonish many expressed their hope to continue with their newfound entrepreneurial skills and continue the spirit and energy created over the course of the two days in all aspects of their lives.

To get in touch with Andrew and the Mashup Lab team find them online or on Facebook and Twitter!

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